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As an experienced leaflet distribution company, job applicants are thoroughly screened before being invited for an interview. We are aware of the problems that exist. New delivery people are trained in all aspects of leaflet delivery, such as not putting their hand through a letterbox if there is a mailbox on the wall, as it is very probable that there is a dog which will chew post and anything else that goes through the letterbox! Our leafleters must submit delivery reports for each drop, outlining every street covered. This is checked before they are paid and they are made aware of this. Most of our leafleters have worked for us for a long time and so have proven skills and reliability. Testimonials from satisfied clients can be supplied.

Demographic data, such as the number of houses in a specific area or town, can be given to clients, so they can organise their distribution properly. We usually deliver by area, not postcode, as a quick look at a postcode map will demonstrate that postcodes were not allocated very logically, such as covering part of a town centre and then heading out miles into country lanes! This may be why the Royal Mail keeps losing money!

The cheapest printer we have yet found can be recommended. At the time of writing, 5,000 postcard size and weight leaflets are £28 which is an extremely competitive price. This includes the boxes being sent by the printer to either you or us. Vat is not payable on leaflets, as they are educational like books!

Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in planning your leaflet distribution campaign in a cost effective, efficient manner.

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